„LAETUS nodo”

Kilar, Kowalski, Lutosławski, Magin, Szymanowski, Tansman

Spectacle „LAETUS nodo” (lat. colorful tangle) choreographed by Zofia Czechlewska longtime dancer and soloist of the Polish National Song and Dance Ensemble "Śląsk” is an original creative project, related to the topics of polish dancing rhythms of the twentieth century, from neoclassicism through the latter half of the twentieth century until the present day.

The show is divided into four seasons, vivid and emotional in their expression and sense, reflecting personal emotions and sensations in the interpersonal relationships.

The main link joining the show is folklorism as a mean of expression of the musical layer. Undoubtedly, this will mark the show as a tribute to the Authors of Polish Music of the twentieth century for whom folklorism was a part of the emotional inspiration confronted with a stylized movements.


  • ballet soloists: Marta Baranowska, Milena Burchardt, Monika Cegiełkowska, Paulina Tworek, Piotr Cegiełkowski, Adam Czechlewski, Marek Kulig, Krystian Olszowski, Łukasz Zasik
  • singing acapella: Anna Klimczak


The idea of the show:

The content of the play is based on the interpersonal, emotional relationships, mutual exploration; sometimes surprising, sometimes reinforcing our positive emotions.
The show is made up of four images - four dancing duets symbolizing seasons:

  • Spring - atime ofprosperity,dreams andwill to live;
  • Summer - a time of love, relationship, fulfillment and hope;
  • Autumn - time of perplexity, passage of time and nostalgia;
  • Winter - a time full of dreams, thoughts and future.

Numerous topics, changes of rhythm and mood which appear in the musical layer of each composition allow to build an emotional image, not always in accordance with logic rights. The effects of expressive music in combination with modern movements create a new quality and style, while tension building become base to build drama and theatrical expression.


Author: Wojtek Korpusik