Polish Dance School Zofia Cze­chlew­ska

Polish Dance School Zofia Cze­­chle­w­ska



  • polish national dances
  • basics of classical dance
  • rhythmics < coordination of movements
  • relaxation activities connected with streching, pilates
  • polish folk dances
  • stylized dance
  • new forms and styles of movement
  • projects for companies and institutions

We offer:

  • polish national dances for groups, folk groups, children, youth and students.
  • polish dance workshops for teachers involved with cultural and dance education in houses of culture and schools.
  • polish dance workshops for a particular group on individual invitation – approach on our own
  • workshops for individuals involved with dance, seeking to raise their artistic skills; to equal the cultural development due to access difficulties.
  • workshops for instructors and choreographers of folk song and dance ensambles
  • classes of dance composition and performance directing.

We propose:

  • realisation of art and cultural project (directing included) for personal invitation
  • realisation of dance performances
  • concert directing and scenario elaboration.
  • lectures on polish national dances, promotion and polish culture dissemination
  • workshops for companies
  • summer and winter dance meetings
  • dance workshops: methodology, practice, lectures
  • cooperation with companies, organisations and cultural institutions, individual projects

contact: www.zofiaczechlewska.pl
mail: info@zofiaczechlewska.pl